Free endocrine textbooks

Dear Endocrinologist-

May I  take a moment of your time to remind you of our two on-line and FREE endocrine textbooks- WWW.ENDOTEXT.ORG  and 

WWW.THYROIDMANAGER.ORG, and our new Smart Phone App.. Our two websites are clinically oriented, authoritative, comprehensive, totally down-loadable for personal use and teaching, constantly up-dated, and FREE. Remember that we constantly renew our websites, and have in fact added 46 chapter revisions in the past few months.  These include totally revised chapters on Male Infertility, Gastrinomas. Pituitary Radiotherapy, Central Amenorrhea,, Hypercalcemia, Sexual Differentiation, Thyroid Function Testing,  Thyroid Surgery, Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and new chapters on Osteoporosis Therapy, Genetics of Human Obesity, and Thyroid cancer soon to be added. We also have sections on TREATMENT ALGORITHMS, NEWS, and  GUIDELINES,  and provide Expert responses about difficult cases.  .Our POINT-OF-CARE APP, ENDOCRINOLOGY and ENDOCRINE EMERGENCIES is available for APPLE and ANDROID smart phones. 

Our websites have been on-line now for over 12 years, and are written by Physicians for Physicians and trainees. I feel certain that you will find them as complete and useful as any major endocrine textbook, definitely more up-to-date, and, since FREE,  at a vastly lower “expense”. We regularly receive up to 6000 visitors making 80,000 hits each day on the websites, and our readers come from around the world  We write you since we know that many endocrinologists are not aware that these resources exist, and might find them useful.


Please take a look and judge for yourself. There are no traps or gimmicks, and we do not even require registration, although we do ask you to consider registering, so we will know more about our readers. We also value any comments on how our websites could be made more useful.

Many thanks for your support.

Leslie J De Groot,  MD, for the ENDOTEXT and THYROIDMANAGER Teams. <>

P O Box P-94, 24 Nonquitt Ave, South Dartmouth, MA 02748