About us

This Association is named “Endocrine Society of Thailand” or “EST”. The logo of the Association is a red square background. Inside, there is the white symbol of the endocrine and white letters “Endocrine Society of Thailand” in the upper left corner of the square. There is the text “BE 2524” outside the red square background in the upper left and text “AD 1981” under the square.


      Purposes of the Association
1. To gather doctors, scientists and medical personnel who are interested in the study of Endocrine and Hormones into groups.
2. To exchange knowledge and consult on various problems on academic issues about Endocrine and Hormones among members.
3. To centralize useful information about the Endocrine and Hormone domestically and externally.
4. To enhance and promote the academic, analysis or research of Endocrine and Hormonal Medicine for other professionals and general public. The Association may provide the funds for research conference.
5. To support the acceptance of society toward the rights of patients with Endocrine disease.
6. To coordinate with the network and the association of Endocrinology of foreign countries and International conference.
7. Organize training and examination for the certificate, approval letter or Endocrine disease certificate, which may proceed with other organizations.