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Members qualifications
There are 3 types of membership

  • Regular member  is a permanent member of the association. Those who can apply for the membership are Physicians or person with a Master degree related to Medical Science or Public health and have been involved in Endocrine and Hormonal Disease for at least 1 year, also have consistent objectives of the association
  • Associated membe is for individuals with unlimited fields in Bachelor degree, which interested in academic of Endocrinology and Hormonal and has the opinions that related to the objectives of the association.
  • Honorary members are experts or sponsors of the association, which are invited by the Executive Board.

Application Requirement

– 1 inch photo
– A copy of the degree corresponding to the application form.
– The applicant must have two references from members of the Endocrine Society of Thailand.
– Pay the maintenance fee according to the regulation of the Association.

Maintenance fee

-Regular members will pay a one-time payment in amount of 4,000 baths.
-Associate members will pay 3 years maintenance fee in amount of 1,000 baths.
-There is no payment required for Honorary Members.

Rights and duties of members

-Regular members are eligible to attend a special and general and meeting. Each member has a right to vote and is eligible to be elected as Executive Director of the Association.

– The members will receive the news of association. They will also have the right to receive the assistance according to the purposes and regulation of the association.

– If any member changes name, address, contact number or e-mail address, please inform the association in order to update the presence constantly.

– Members can use the office of the association that is addressed in rules.

Termination of membership

– Passed away
– In case of Resignation, please send the written request to present to the Executive Board meeting.
– Sentence by a court judgment and the Executive Board voted that it was scandal to the association.

Endocrine Society of Thailand’s Application form

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Supporting document of registration form for the letter of approval from Department of Endocrinology Medicine and Metabolism  Download File  size 30K 

Please submit the application form to the Registrar; Endocrine Society of Thailand
Chaloem Phrabarami 50th Building, 10th floor,
Soi Soonvijai, New Petchburi Road,
Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10320